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Monday, July 10, 2006

Break the chain

Despite what the network of Steely Blue Chambray Shirt Cooper and Harpie Nancy Grace would have us believe, sometimes there is just no news to report.
Sure I've seen some funny stuff while riding, but you've probably seen your own funny stuff too. So why should my spotting of frozen sausage on top of a moving '86 Accord trump whatever you saw on the way into work? (I did tell the sausage owners that their groceries were riding rooftop. They were most grateful.)

And really, some not so funny stuff has been happening that can't be shoved to the side of the road anymore. So I'm dealing with that --breaking out of some cycles, trying to stop some wheels from spinning, getting out of the rut that can get so comfy. Goodness, cycling offers lots of metaphors to ride.

I did see two real bunnies during my ride yesterday. They looked as nervous as this gutterbunny does when riding at rush hour sandwiched between SUVs and Metro buses.


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