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Thursday, July 06, 2006

On the (side of the) road again

I rode on the road and have no rode/road rage. It was quite a quiet ride into work. Damp and slatey gray but not muggy.
Outside felt like my old kneepads from volleyball after I'd wash them. They never ever completely dried, given that there was half a cantaloupe-sized wad of padding inside a thick elastic band, soaked in salty sweat. So I'd cover them in baby powder to avoid the damp smell and friction. Then I'd go sit on the bench. Then go in long enough to serve and not long enough to dry out the kneepads.

But, no bench-sitting today. Ride, ride, ride. Pass cars. Ride, give myself a new hairdo, complete with wispies like a hippy Lisa Rhina, minus the lips.
And very little resistance -- both literal and figurative -- along the way in. Wind was light out of the ... whatever direction I was not riding toward. And only one biker riding the wrong way in the bike lane. Got to see a few people rocking out in the cars one one lady trying not to spill her adult milkshake from Starbucks, talk on the phone and turn a corner. It doesn't take much to amuse me. Sorry if it takes more for you.


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